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Kyoshi Dave Pritchett
8th Degree Black Belt  American Open Style Karate


   Dave Pritchett was born in Berkeley, CA in 1945, and raised in San Francisco.  His martial arts training started in San Francisco in 1963 when he began studying the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate system.  His initial instructors were Al & Jim Tracy, but earned his black belt under another Sensei.  Kyoshi  Pritchett's next martial arts training was in San Jose, CA, where he studied Modified Wing Chun Kung Fu through Mr. Ben Der.  Currently, Kyoshi  Pritchett studies the Philippine Martial Arts, Arnis, Kali, and Escrima (stick and knife fighting) under Grandmaster Jose Bueno.  Pritchett has earned a 3rd degree black belt and a Advanced Instructor's Certificate in these  arts.

    Kyoshi  Pritchett arrived in Oregon in 1995, settling in the Upper Rogue Valley area of Eagle Point/Shady Cove.  In 2003, Pritchett met Grandmaster Jerry Piddington, under whose tutelage he began his study of American Open Style Karate at the Five Animals Karate Dojo in Eagle Point.  As Grandmaster Piddington was at this time beginning to back off his heavy teaching schedule, and with the Five Animals owners deciding to close their dojo, Kyoshi  Pritchett transferred his studies to Sensei Lindsay Fry, who started, owned and was Chief Instructor of Sun & Moon Karate in Eagle Point, Oregon.    In January 2007, Kyoshi  Pritchett purchased the Sun & Moon Karate Dojo from Sensei Fry, and was granted certification from Grandmaster Piddington to operate the Sun & Moon Karate Dojo under the American Open Style Karate system.  Kyoshi  Pritchett has been awarded the AKANA "Gold Tomoe Award" which is earned through excellent kata performance, as well as the Glass Walk, Arrow Breaking & Fire Walking Tomoe Awards. 

    After completing college, earning a degree in Banking & Finance, Mr. Pritchett began his working life in Corporate Banking In Santa Clara Valley, CA.  Fifteen years later he left the banking profession to establish a Financial Management Strategy Consulting business, concentrating on privately held businesses.  When Mr. Pritchett moved to Oregon in 1995, he put his consulting business on hold as he entered the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage business, representing buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants of commercial/investment properties.  Now retired from working, he remains active in his martial arts studies & instruction, teaching private and class lessons.

Two inside views of Sun & Moon Martial Arts Studio in Eagle Point Oregon.


Outside view of Sun & Moon Martial Arts Studio in Eagle Point Oregon.