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Dave Pritchett
AKANA Certified
Black Belt


We order gear through
The Masters' Choice for Martial Art Gear

Our teaching methods concentrate on the development of the body, mind & spirit, which encompasses both mental and physical devotion to improving oneself.


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We also emphasize that we teach self defense, NOT fighting, and we have strict requirements for the conduct of all students, both inside AND outside the dojo.

American Open Style Karate Dojo

Advanced Class

Tuesday & Thursday evenings
Join us at our new location:
Saint John's Lutheran Church
42 Alta Vista
 Eagle Point, OR

Call or email us about free introductory lessons!

Do you want to learn Martial Arts from just any instructor, or would you rather learn from an 8th Degree Black Belt who has over 50 years of experience?


Individuals 5 years old and up are welcome to become students of Kyoshi Pritchett, upon acceptance.  

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If you would like more information about the classes that are being offered, please contact Kyoshi Dave Pritchett either by phone or via email

(541) 821-2507

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Read what people are saying about our classes!

"Since my grandson started studying with Kyoshi  Pritchett, he's more self-assured and confident!"
 - Betty H.

"I feel strong,  centered and focused when I'm practicing karate." - Rob K.

"I like knowing that my 14-year-old daughter can defend herself."  - Mary M.

"As a middle-aged mom, I thought I would feel silly taking karate.  But I found that I feel stronger and better than I have in years!  In addition to its other benefits, karate is a GREAT workout.  Plus, my kids actually think it's kind of cool that their mom takes karate with them.  It's brought us together as a family."   - Tara P.

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