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The History behind Sun & Moon Martial Arts

Sun & Moon Martial Arts provides instruction in American Open Style Karate, and has been certified by the American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA).  The Rank of each student is registered through AKANA annually.  The school owner is Kyoshi Dave Pritchett.

Currently, classes are taught Tuesday & Thursday evenings at the Eagle Point Grange, on the corner of Main & Shasta Streets.  Beginners (5-9 years old) classes are taught at 5:30 p.m.,  Intermediate classes are taught at 6:15 p.m., and Advanced classes are at 7:15 p.m.

Our teaching style recognizes the different pace at which students learn, and we accommodate those differences.  Testing for belt ranking occurs every four months, and is offered to each student the black belt instructors feel is prepared to pass the test.  We encourage students to participate in tournaments, but there is no requirement to do so.  There is no special treatment given to students that do participate, nor will any student be held back for not participating.  The most serious students may also take private lessons, as desired.  For the benefit of all students, all our techniques required to earn a black belt have been produced on "DVD's", and are available for purchase.

Advanced students are also taught traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Techniques, as well as techniques of the Philippine Martial Arts Arnis, Kali, and EscrimaKyoshi Pritchett holds a 3rd Degree black belt and a Advanced Instructor's Certificate in these Philippine Arts.

So as to pass on the knowledge he has gained from different masters, Pritchett founded American Open Progressive Martial Arts (AOPMA), which incorporates American Open Style Karate, certain Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques, and the Progressive System of Martial Arts.